World Record-Holding Cabin Comfort Systems

Luminary Air Group has more than 20 years of experience creating easy-to-install, lightweight cabin noise reduction kits for all types of aircraft. Our expertise gained us the World Record for the quietest Boeing Business Jet cabin at 46.7 db SIL, and we’d love to help make your aircraft quieter too.

Easy to Install

All of our Cabin Comfort kits come with pre-cut and sorted materials so no time is wasted on preparing the parts.

Detailed drawings that show the exact location for each part make installation a breeze and eliminate the risk of mistakes. You can also opt to hire one of our project managers for on-site support, or even get a whole team to install your kit for you.

When installing kits, you don’t need to worry about meeting deadlines


You want a quiet cabin with minimal weight increase, we’ve got the solution. Through acoustic imaging we:

  • pinpoint, record, and visualize noise sources
  • identify noisy hydraulics or ECS issues
  • find gaps in insulation coverage

We then craft a custom noise reduction solution based on your aircraft’s unique noise signature.

This means insulation material is added where it is needed most, and techniques such as damping, absorption, mufflers, and ECS treatment are carefully balanced to achieve the best results with the least possible weight added.

For All Types of Aircraft

Luminary creates insulation kits for all types of aircraft, from the smallest single-engine fixed-wing airplane or helicopter to the largest wide-body jet, from antique machines to the most modern of private planes.

For the best possible results, you aircraft’s kit will be tailored to its specific needs and configuration. For smaller planes, we also offer standardized kits. The latter allows you to keep your interior cabin optimization cost-effective while benefiting from unrivaled flight comfort.

STCs Included

Don’t waste time with certification. When you work with Luminary, you can make use of our Supplemental Type Certificates covering 22 makes and more than 100 models as well as PMA on all associated parts.

Click here for a full list of our STCs for our Cabin Comfort Systems.

A Superior Flight Experience, Tailored To Your Needs

Create a space where it’s easier to talk, work, or sleep while in the air.

Build the most comfortable cabin environment possible while balancing weight, cost, and design preferences.

Ensure a relaxed arrival, every time, with our customized Cabin Comfort Systems.

Why Choose Us?

Extensive experience working with high-profile customers
This includes the conference room acoustical treatment for the presidential fleet of 747s and deliveries to VIP customers such as heads of state, corporate executives, world-class athletes, and artists.

No hassle with certifications and regulations
All of our products are FAA Certified and meet all aviation regulations and standards.

Highly customized in-house manufacturing
At Luminary, we keep full control over the production process from analysis and design to manufacturing and certification. That means we can custom-create our kits to the specific needs of your aircraft and guarantee unrivaled quality.

More than 20 years of expertise and experience
A pilot himself, Luminary owner Dave Lumgair has over 11,000 hours of flight experience and our team has been improving the interiors of hundreds of aircraft for more than 20 years, including Boeing 737, 747, 757, 777, and multiple Airbus models.

Lowest Independently Verified dB(SIL) On Boeing Business Jets
When installing our cabin systems in your Boeing Business Jet, you’re creating the quietest in-flight conversation environment possible. We work with independent experts to make sure of that.

Performance Guarantee
Luminary can guarantee to meet area-specific sound requirements. Specific details will be provided in the individual contractual agreement.

“Our aircraft owner challenged us to produce the quietest Boeing Business Jet interior cabin in the world. Luminary’s results were excellent. Not only did they meet our guaranteed objectives, but they exceeded their target for interior cabin noise.

We would not hesitate to recommend Luminary to any aircraft owner who has a serious intent on achieving a quiet interior cabin.”

Jerry Soderstrom, Chief Pilot

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