ADMI “All Day Mission Interiors” and ISR/ISTAR Platforms:

Rigorous weight reduction and “on-station” interior modularity

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft date back to World War II but have seen a resurgence in modern conflicts in both manned and unmanned aircraft. We began development of a lightweight, modular and durable interior solution for the manned version of these aircraft in 2005 for the Army ARMS program. Since then we have completed over 100 ADMI mission interiors, constantly improving and innovating on each new program. Under the Luminary umbrella the ADMI interiors have seen a substantial budgetary escalation in R&D and have been given the directive to surpass our own expectations for what a mission interior should accomplish. ADMI set the benchmark for what is possible in ISR interiors with function, durability and weight savings; all while paying attention to comfort and thermal acoustic benefits.  Endorsed by commanders, embraced by operators and flexible integration with completion centers Engineering and Installation combined with an unmatched dedication and attention to detail make us the only option for your mission platform!