The following replacement parts are available for ADMI interiors. To place an order, or to inquire about other parts, please call us at 888-624-2400 or email us at

Pilatus PC-12 Replacement Parts
Description P/N UOM
Seat Cushion, Passenger Seat 0311.MC01.508-20000 Each
Back Cushion, Passenger Seat 0311.MC01.508-20001 Each
Headrest Cover, Passenger Seat 0311.MC01.508-20003 Each
Pilot/Co-Pilot Back Cushion 0311.MC01.512-60000 Each
Pilot/Co-Pilot Back Cushion 0311.MC01.512-60001 Each
Seat Bottom Cushion (Foam Build-up) 0311.MC01.513-10002 Each
Window Surround 0311.MC01.510-60003-1 Each


King Air Replacement Parts
Description P/N UOM
Window Plug, Cargo 0212.MC01.601-40024 Each
Window Plug, Main Cabin 0212.MC01.601-30029 Each
ADMI Floorboards 0212.FD01.605-500XX Each
Lightweight King Air Seats Various Each