VIP Interiors

Luminary Interiors designs, manufactures, and installs a full range of cabin interior solutions, including cabinetry fabrication, cabinetry finish, seating & upholstery, repairs & modifications, green aircraft completion builds, installation and design support.


With 24 years of experience in VIP and VVIP completions, Luminary Interiors can handle all aspects of cabinetry design, engineering, production, installation and certification. From conference rooms, offices and bedrooms to galleys and lavatories, our extensive industry expertise combined with skilled workmanship ensure high quality results delivered on time.

Notable achievements in aircraft cabinetry fabrication include:

  • Accomplished a complete refinishing program on an Airbus A319 in 28 days, including reassembly
  • Fabricated, covered, finished, and installed the largest motorized monitor lift in service on an Airbus A320
  • Refurbished several Global Express and Gulfstream platforms (GIII thru G550)
  • Completed numerous modifications and repairs on all Boeing airframes



Seating & Upholstery

Luminary Air Group’s Flight Interiors brand offers our customers high quality upholstery and refurbishing services for aircraft seating of all types, including VIP and head of state aircraft, business, military and tactical aircraft, commercial, and vintage aircraft.

We use only the finest quality upholstering and build-up materials in our products, and since we perform all of our work in-house, we control the process from start to finish. With in-depth experience in the aviation and aerospace industries, Flight Interiors delivers an unrivaled level of quality, while maintaining strict adherence to manufacturer’s specifications and industry certifications.

No matter what you’re flying, where or when, Luminary Air Group has you covered.