Sidewall Panels

Luminary has been fabricating and treating existing sidewall panels in varying aircraft models for roughly a decade. Whether it’s designing, engineering and manufacturing new sidewalls in our facility or reworking existing sidewall panels to customer specifications, we have the solutions to fit your budget.

Lower Sidewall Blankets

Our lower sidewall blankets are light and durable, which makes them a good fit for any mission aircraft. Blankets can be customized to accommodate wiring feed-throughs and mission equipment.

Headliner Panels

Often, existing headliners can simply be refurbished using our high quality foams, fabrics & leathers. However, in mission aircraft it may be necessary to completely rethink the layout of the traditional headliner. Luminary engineers and program managers can design flexible, modular systems that integrate with lighting, O2 and gaspers but weigh fractions of the original fixture. All of our multiple platform headliner designs work to increase efficiency in the air and on the ground for systems maintenance.

Flooring Treatments

Our engineers are routinely asked to create floor treatments specific to VIP, medevac or other mission interiors. Whether it’s our custom, multi-layered carpet pad & carpet, anti-microbial leak-proof treatment, or our mission floor covering designed to reduce weight to a bare minimum; we have the solution for your aircraft!

Other Interior Components

Additional interior components include aft pressure bulkhead treatments, window plugs, floor mats and cockpit treatments. Luminary provides customized replacement parts for many different aircraft makes and models.