Luminary Air Group announces appointment by Teledyne Controls as a distributor of ACES®

Oct. 2022 – Luminary Air Group LLC (LAG) of Melfa, VA is pleased to announce that it was appointed by Teledyne Controls as a distributor for their new cabin air monitoring system ACES® for the Business Aviation market. As passengers are getting more concerned than ever about cabin air quality, Teledyne ACES was specifically developed for the Aviation Market Place to determine the Air Quality on any airplane once installed. The ACES unit is easy to install and monitors multiple aspects of the aircraft’s air quality, allowing its owners the comfort of knowing that their aircraft is properly prepared, and is ready for flight. With embedded connectivity, the Teledyne ACES systemcan provide in real-time via Wi-Fi, the plane’s current air quality to a cell phone, a computer, or a display installed on the aircraft. The data can also be collected and supplied to the aircraft’s flight department for a nominal monthly fee. LAG will be producing the equipment’s installation kit STC for the ACES unit for all Non-Air Transport classed aircraft.

For further information about ACES or to view the unit in action, please visit the Teledyne booth at NBAA-BACE in Orlando, FL on October 18-20th.

Luminary Air Group LLC is based at Accomack County Airport in Melfa, VA. The Company designs manufactures and installs a wide variety of aircraft products through its three products lines: Flight Environments (Cabin Insulation / Noise Reduction), ADMI (Special Mission Interiors), and Luminary Interiors (Cabinets, Seating and Upholstery). In addition, LAG holds numerous STC’s, PMA Approvals (FAA PAH #PQ 10024NE). Luminary also offers a full range of Engineering and Program Management services. For additional information visit us at

About Teledyne Controls Headquartered in Southern California, Teledyne Controls LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated.  Teledyne Controls is a leading manufacturer and innovator of a wide range of data management solutions designed to help aircraft operators collect, distribute, and analyze aircraft data more efficiently.  Teledyne Controls maintains worldwide facilities and a global network of field representatives to support its many airlines, airframe, and military customers. To learn more about Teledyne Controls, visit:, or follow the Company on social media at: LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.